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Do something completely different than everyone else.

Create Your "GO FOR IT" Business Now

2. Transform

1. Disrupt

A simple message:

Stop doing it the old way.

A unique insight:

Start doing it the new way.

3. Repeat

A business engine:

Keep doing it.

How It Works


After I present what's possible to do with your idea, you will:

1. Decide to tackle it on your own. Fair enough.

2. Decide to tackle it with me. Yeah!


To get started we will:

1. Schedule outofthinair development sessions

2. Setup support between sessions.


About Me

Here's the thing... after 17 years as an innovator in corporate America I had enough. I sat by idly at Microsoft while the startup world exploded in the dotcom era. One day I was so beaten down by a culture that valued blind execution over thoughtful innovation, I made the big move to the startup world. And have never looked back. Since then I have deconstructed and re-constructed business concepts over and over again. I have invented fabulous models for how to do things orders of magnitudes better than the old way. And I have collaborated with hundreds of CEOs who were also bursting at the seams to bring something meaningful to market. That gives you an idea of who I am and who I love working with. But here are a few things about my work:

  1. I cannot help you get better at the corporate rat race. I help you leave it in the rear view mirror.

  2. If you don’t want to make things that matter, you’re not going to identify with my stuff.

  3. If you’re just looking to “Check Box” things off your to do list, I don’t want to help you.


Now I fully understand we have all had these mentalities at different points in our lives. It is those who are looking to move past them and into more meaningful pursuits where I totally come alive. If you are such a person, I am looking forward to being with and getting to know you! Please request an application to meet. See below.


Request an outofthinair Application

After you send me this request, I will send you a link to a letter explaining the FREE 60 minute workshop with the short application form below the letter. Please read the whole letter to make doubly sure it is right for you. And if it is, I can't wait to meet you face to face in a video call!